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Möt en IPMA-certifierad

Möt en IPMA-certifierad – Mamta Pokharna IPMA certifierad nivå B

Så var det åter dags för en ny intervju i vår serie “Möt en IPMA-certifierad” och denna vecka möter vi Mamta Pokharna, Senior projektledare hos Nordea och IPMA certifierad Nivå B – Certified Senior Project Manager. Mamta genomförde sin certifieringsprocess helt på engelska hos Svenskt Projektforum tillsammans med ytterligare en kollega från Nordea. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have 20 years of rich experience in Finance & IT Projects and more than a decade of experience in Project & Program Management. I have been associated with the Banking and capital markets domain and worked on large projects in the area of Corporate & Investment Banking, Local Regulatory Reporting, AML & Fraud detection, Trade and Payment, Financial Risk Management (BCBS regulations, IFRS 9, Risk modelling) and Portfolio management.

I have been actively involved with diverse teams across geographies of Europe, Asia pacific, North & Latin America with highly matrix organizations and I was previously associated with Wipro, MSCI, FinArch, BNP Paribas, and NASDAQ.

Currently I’m working as a Senior Project Manager at Nordea on a Debt collection initiative project and I have also taken on responsibility in one of the highest priority projects for remediation of European Central Bank (ECB)’s findings in relation of definition of default.

Apart from work I enjoy traveling, reading, music, movies, yoga & fitness.

 What made you choose IPMA?

In my opinion, IPMA is considered to be a personalized and qualitative certification. I knew that I would be given an opportunity to reflect on my experiences and weigh them against each competence element and I hoped that my thinking process would get new dimensions based on these reflections. As expected, during the certification journey I could immediately see how good I have done so far and in which area’s I could have performed differently.

What were your goals with the certification?

The goal of certification was to take some time to reflect on my Project Management experiences. I wanted an opportunity to enlist my experiences in a formal and structured way. It was kind of a self-committed journey to devote time on key competence areas and to reflect on my own strengths and at the same time see how I can learn from my weaknesses. It was also my urge to certify my skills & experiences based on an Internationally recognized standard. 

 What will the certificate mean for you and/or your company

It’s a value addition for myself and for the company that I have refreshed all my project management competencies, especially the ones related to the people area. It will allow me to better manage the team, stakeholders, build networks and handle soft skills aspects.

I feel that this is an investment in myself for an enhanced career and the company will have more trust in my capabilities. My organization can rely on the fact that it has employed an established project manager who will run its projects as per the organization’s vision and mission.

I am happy to be recognized and will be happy to guide or mentor future project managers.





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