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08 - 22 14 13

Project Manager of the the month

IPMA Young Crew Sweden welcomes you to join their monthly event ”Project Manager of the month”

This month: Karin Appelgren, who has over 20 years experience of project management and leading international teams.
Karin will talk about her experiences in these areas and also discuss her five biggest misstakes in project management and lessons learned, as well as how she works with self reflection in her leadership.

Date: 28th of May at 18.00-19.00
The event will start with a 20 minute presentation by Karin, followed by a 20 minute workshop and finally 10 minutes of reflection.

How to sign up:
For Zoom-link to the event, please send a message to

Deadline for signing up is the 27th of May at 17.00.

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