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Svenskt Projektforum is the body for IPMA Certifications in Sweden. Every year, close to 500 project-, program- and portfolio managers are getting registered for an IPMA certification in Sweden. Over 4000 project managers have got their projectcompetence verified in Sweden.

IPMA Certifications is a global standard and a tool for sucess.  IPMA offers a four-tier certification in three domains; project, program and portfolio management. A program to truly recognize your expertice.

The IPMA Individual Competence Baseline is designed to Chart your course to higher levels of performance, Improve your projectmanagement practice, Develope performance improvement plans for individuals, Intergrates with all process- based methologies and Applies to all sectors and industries.

A certification is validation of competence, not an education. The certification process involves several steps for the assessment of a candidate. The assessment steps for individuals are applied to each of the IPMA competence levels A, B C, and D.  The three competence areas are: PERSPECTIVE; PEOPLE & PRACTICE. If the Candidate meets the Competence Requirements he/ she can apply directly to the desired Level. The process includes several stages. All of the stages include a self-assessment and a written test. A Workshop with  case studies is included at Level A, B and C.

All certification are in swedish for A, B and C. Adaptations can be made so that parts of the process can be done in English but the Workshop takes place in Swedish. If your organization wants to complete its own round of at least five participants, we can offer the entire process in English.

Level D is  offered in english.


Get in touch with our certification office in Stockholm for further questions.
Tel: +46 (0) 8-22 14 13

What is your level?

The IPMA certification system has four levels

Requires 5 years of experience in project management/ program management and/or portfolio management with very complex environments with strategic relevance.
Requires 5 years of experience in project management/ program management/ portfolio management in complex project environment.
Requires at least 3 years of experience as manager of less complex projects.
Requires no experience in project management.

IPMA international

After you have passed the certification program you will be registered in the database at IPMA international. It makes it possible to show your certificate to clients and employers to prove your competence in project management.

Certification in english for all levels

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